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Part 141 training and flight schools have to meet very specific requirements and standards. The helicopter flight school itself is issued an air Agency Certificate when it passes the faa inspections. Facilities and aircraft that will be used for Part 141 training are inspected. The chief Flight Instructor is required to take an annual check ride with the faa.

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Most Part 141 schools also offer Part 61 training for the same programs. For example, you may choose to do your Private Pilot under Part 141 or Part 61. Schools that offer both training methods provide the most flexibility to the student.

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The student attending a part 141 helicopter flight school gets all the benefits of attending a part 141 school even if they choose to do some or all of their training under Part 61. This is due to the school being subject to random FAA inspections. They have to maintain their high standards at all times to retain their certification.